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Every woman experiences menopause differently, but at some point between the ages of 45-60, your body’s production of hormones slows and your menopause begins. Dr. Marc Jean-Gilles and his team at Abundant Life Healthcare in Lawrenceville, Georgia, offer compassionate and effective menopause management strategies, including hormone replacement therapy. Call or make an appointment online today to learn more about your treatment options.

Birth Control Q & A

What methods of birth control are available?

Birth control prevents pregnancy by stopping fertilization, typically by preventing the egg and sperm from meeting. Dr. Jean-Gilles and the team at Abundant Life Healthcare offer a wide variety of birth control options, including:

  • Birth control pills — both the mini pill and the combination pill
  • Intrauterine devices — hormonal and copper
  • Implants
  • Shots
  • Vaginal rings
  • Condoms
  • Diaphragms

What is an IUD?

An IUD is a small, T-shaped device that Dr. Jean-Gilles places inside your uterus that offers long-term protection against pregnancy. It’s reversible, so when you’re ready to have a baby, the doctor can remove your IUD and you’re immediately fertile again.

IUDs are available in hormonal and non-hormonal forms.

Hormonal IUD

Hormonal IUDs slowly release the hormone progestin, which causes your cervical mucus to become thicker and prevent sperm from reaching the egg. Hormonal IUDs can stay in place for between three and six years (depending on the brand).

Non-hormonal IUD

A non-hormonal IUD is wrapped with copper wire, which limits sperm mobility and prevents it from reaching the egg. The non-hormonal IUD can stay in place and prevent pregnancy for up to 10 years.

It’s an excellent option for women who don’t react well to the hormones in other birth control options.

What is Nexplanon®?

Nexplanon is the brand name for the birth control implant. It’s a small, match-shaped stick that Dr. Jean-Gilles can place in the inner side of your bicep. Nexplanon slowly releases hormones to prevent pregnancy for up to three years.

You’ll need to have your implant replaced every three years for continuous protection against pregnancy.

You can typically become pregnant within a week of removing the implant.

How do I know what form of birth control is right for me?

Selecting the best birth control is a personal choice. Dr. Jean-Gilles and his team understand that, and so they offer comprehensive counseling services to help you learn about your options and select the birth control that will fit best with your lifestyle.

  • Some of the questions you need consider include:
  • Can you take a pill at the same time every day?
  • What birth control methods have you used before, and what did you like or dislike about them?
  • How old are you?
  • Do you smoke?
  • What are your plans for having children in the future?

Call or schedule a consultation online today to learn more about your birth control options.